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Do you have a new large screen smart phone but cannot find a belt case that will fit...other than those made of cheap plastic that will last only a short time and cost a fortune? Or a favorite pistol but just can't find a cross draw holster that will fit? How about an expensive GPS unit you use to keep track of your favorite squirrel dog as he roams the woods? Or do you have a nice "point and shoot" camera with a cheap case? Are you the owner of a company that supplies cell phones for all your field employees and you have to replace them every few months due to damage?

I can make a custom case made to fit your smart phone, knife, pistol, flashlight or most any other accessory. I use a "wet form" method where your device is covered in a water proof material and the leather is "molded" around it so it will fit like a glove! It can be finished in any color you like and usually can also be monogrammed with your name or initials. All cases are made from genuine leather and are hand stitched or laced with only the highest quality components which will last a lifetime under normal use. Gun holsters can be lined with very soft deerskin or suede to protect the finish to reduce wear and protect your pistol's finish.

And if you are a company owner who is considering having custom cases made to protect your company issued cell phones, I can even have your company logo permanently stamped directly onto each case. Belt loops are made of high grade leather and will not deform after use.

If you have a new device of any type and are waiting for the manufacturers to finally begin to produce a case for it, wait no longer. I can have your custom case ready for use in a matter of a few days.

How about a favorite filet knife that came with a cheap plastic (or split cowhide) sheath? I can make a very simple leather sheath that will protect the edge and keep it ready for cleaning your next crappie...

If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to make anything of leather, I have been doing it since 1966 and I will teach you anything you would like to know about leatherwork. And my fees are very fact, if the student is under the age of 18, the lessons are free (but the student must pay for materials)! Leather work is a dying art and I would love to teach as many youngsters as possible to do it!

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